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Conference Details

Nuclear new build summit egypt 2018
Cairo, Egypt
30-31 January 2018

Sponsor(s): InforValue
Contact: Jay Teo
Tel: +86 21 5485 1027
Website link:

The annual Nuclear New Build Summit Egypt 2018 (NNBS Egypt 2018) will be held from January 30 to 31 of 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. It is the largest commercial NPP new build event which is focusing on Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. With our strong experiences of organizing nuclear events all over the world, we estimate that there would be more than 250 c-level attendees to participate this event.

Event Background:
On August 7, 2018, Egypt and Russia have completed their talks on contracts to build a nuclear power plant at Daba'a. On August 7, 2018, Jordan said talks were still ongoing with Russia to secure the best financing solutions to build the country's first nuclear power plant. Turkey will put three nuclear power plants – the Akkuyu, Sinop and one other between 2023 and 2030.

Thus, InforValue Consulting who has been rooting in organizing nuclear events all over the world is dedicating to organize this event to help regional promotion of NPP new build activities.

Event Objectives:
Considering the link between NPP new build countries and vendor companies as a very important pillar in ensuring the competence in the nuclear field, the Conference has contributed to stimulating the interest of vendors in nuclear area and the initiation of new collaborative projects.

NNBS Egypt 2018 invites the policy makers, international reactor vendors, engineering companies, law firms, insurance and banking companies, inspection firms, simulation solution vendors, NSSS suppliers, nuclear fuel cycle companies and all relevant vendors to share the most recent and original results on the key topics of the NPP new build progress.

Event Agenda Highlights:
El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant (Egypt)
Qasr Amra Nuclear Power Plant (Jordan)
Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (Turkey)
Nuclear & Radiation Regulatory Sector
Turnkey EPC Contract
Nuclear Fuel Supply & Spent Fuel Storage Facility
NPP Operation & Maintains
Economics and Financing Strategies of Nuclear Projects
Education and Man Power Training
Vendor Selection (Engineering Consulting, Radiations, Testing, Equipment, Professional Service, Law firm etc.) for Construction
Part of Inviting Speakers:
Mohamed Shaker, Minister, Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE), Egypt
Samy Shaaban, Chairman, Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA), Egypt
Khalil Yasso, CEO, Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), Egypt
Atef A. Abdel-Fattah, Chairman, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA), Egypt
Ilker Sert, Deputy Undersecretary, Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ETKB), Turkey
Zafer Alper, President, Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEC), Turkey
Yuriy Fedorovich Galanchuk, CEO, Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, Turkey
Khaled Toukan, Chairman, Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), Jordan
Nansi Karashai, Head of International Cooperation, Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC), Jordan
Ali Akbar Salehi, President, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Iran
Waleed Hussain Abulfaraj, Vice President, Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE), Saudi Arabia
Name TBA, Rosatom Overseas

Event Registrations and Exhibition:
NNBS Egypt 2018 will allocate 20 keynote presentations in which 15 speakers are invited and 5 sponsoring speaking slots are left for Reactor Vendor, Engineering Company, Law Firm, Simulations Vendor, Geography Vendor or who is interested in presenting industry latest technical developments.

NNBS Egypt 2018 will set up 10 booths for exhibitors to showcase your products, educating your targets onsite or organize small meeting in your area.

Event Contact:
Jay Teo - Conference Manager
Office: + 86 21 54851027
Mobile: +86 136 7153 2083