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Sourcing services

The issue:
You are looking for specific nuclear equipment or services and wish to identify potential contractors. You may have published a call for Tender or Request for Expressions of Interest but are keen to make sure all relevant potential contractors respond. Your search may be performed with a view to optimise your procurement process. Alternatively, you may be yourself a supplier who is looking for a specific partner.

Our Clients:
EDF (France)
British Energy (UK)
Ringhals (Sweden)
Barseback (Sweden)
Forsmark (Sweden)
Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique CEA (France)
Eutilia (market place created by several nuclear utilities)

Our Solution:
NuclearMarket have developed tools not only to identify potential main contractors but also sub-contractors with a view to optimize the procurement process:

(i) A unique and comprehensive nuclear Buyers Guide listing more than 2100 suppliers worldwide
(ii) A database of procurement notices to identify purchasers who procured similar equipment and services in a recent past
(iii) An internet portal for the nuclear industry ( in order to develop a worldwide network of contacts throughout the industry
(iv) A method of searching the internet and additional resources

To find out more, download our brochure (pdf format, 100 kB)

To contact NuclearMarket for more information, click here.