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YOU ARE HERE: Buyers Guide > Tour 2 (search by product)

In the following example, a visitor searches the Buyers Guide by product. He/she first selects a main category among the 26 choices (in this example "Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection") and the specific product or service (here "Radon Detection") he/she is interested in. Our program presents then a list of Suppliers able to provide such a product or service. The visitor can then click on any of them to get their full details (in this example the visitor clicked on Gammadata of Sweden.

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the product or service is selected from a list of about 1,000
this is a photo of the screen seen when a visitor is searching the Buyers Guide.  To actually search the Buyers Guide you need first to register with
this is a photo, i.e. not actual search screen

a list of companies able to provide this item is presented

the company's details are shown