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Procurement Notice Details

Call: euratom fission 2016-2017 (horizon 2020)[various topics]

Purchaser: European Commission
Website link: click here

NFRP 1:Continually improving safety and reliability of Generation II and III reactors

NFRP 10:Support for the optimised use of European research reactors

NFRP 11:Support for the EU security of supply of nuclear fuel for research reactors

NFRP 12:Support for careers in the nuclear field

NFRP 13:Fission/fusion cross-cutting research in the area of multi-scale materials modelling

NFRP 14:Cross-cutting support to improved knowledge on tritium management in fission and fusion facilities

NFRP 2:Research on safety of fast neutron Generation-IV reactors

NFRP 3:Investigating the safety of closed nuclear fuel cycle options and fuel developments

NFRP 4:Research on the safety of small modular reactors

NFRP 5:Materials research for Generation-IV reactors

NFRP 6:Addressing key priority R&I issues for the first-of-the-kind geological repositories

NFRP 7:Research and innovation on the overall management of radioactive waste other than geological disposal.

NFRP 8:Pan-European knowledge sharing and development of competence in radioactive waste management

NFRP 9:Impacts of low dose radiation exposure