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Procurement Notice Details

Modification of the kpm32 crane (reg. no. 48257) at nerpa shipyard to allow the handling of nuclear and radioactive materials (decommissioning of the floating maintenance base (fmb) “lepse” )

Purchaser: Joint Stock Company Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (JSC FCNRS)
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Procurement ref:


Business sector:
Nuclear safety

Project number:

Funding source:

Contract type:
Project goods, works and services

Notice type:
Invitation for tenders

Issue date:
17 Dec 2015

Closing date:
18 Feb 2016 at 12:00 Local Time

Joint Stock Company Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (JSC FCNRS), hereinafter referred to as “the Employer”, intends using part of the proceeds of the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership Fund (NDEP) grant administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”, towards the cost of the improvement of facilities for removal of spent nuclear fuel from the former Floating Storage Base “Lepse”.

The Employer now invites sealed 1st Stage tenders from contractors for the Modification of the KPM32 Crane (reg. no. 48257) at Nerpa Shipyard to allow the handling of nuclear and radioactive materials.

This Tender Document is for the provision of the following works:

. Development of the design and operational documentation for the modification of the KPM32 crane to allow its use for handling nuclear and radioactive materials resulting from the removal of SNF from the FMB Lepse.
. Implementation of the Works required to modify the KPM32 crane to allow its use for the handling of nuclear and radioactive materials resulting from the removal of SNF from the FMB Lepse in accordance with the identified design specifications resulting from the survey undertaken in September 2015 and in accordance with regulation NO 043-011.

The procurement will be carried out in accordance with EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules with the exception of country eligibility restrictions defined within the NDEP rules. The Project is financed with the proceeds of the NDEP grant which is administered by the Bank and procurement for this contract is limited to goods and services produced or supplied from the EBRD’s Countries of Operation, EU member states, Norway, Canada and Russian Federation.

A two stage tender procedure will be adopted and will proceed as follows:

(a) the First Stage tender will consist of a Technical Proposal only, without any reference to prices, and a list of any deviations to the technical and commercial conditions set forth in the tender documents or any alternative technical solutions a tenderer wishes to offer, provided always that such deviations or alternative solutions do not change the basic objectives of the project. Following evaluation by the Employer of the First Stage tenders, the Employer will invite each tenderer who meets the qualification criteria and who has submitted a technically responsive tender to a clarification meeting. The proposals of all such tenderers will be reviewed at the meeting and all required amendments, additions, deletions and other adjustments will be noted and recorded in a Memorandum. Only qualified tenderers submitting a technically responsive and acceptable First Stage tender will be invited to submit a Second Stage tender.

(b) the Second Stage tender will consist of an updated technical tender incorporating all changes required by the Employer as recorded in the Memorandum to the clarification meeting or as necessary to reflect any amendments to the tender documents issued subsequent to submission of the First Stage tender; and the Second Stage commercial tender.

The proceeds of the Bank’s grant will not be used for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

Due to security restrictions the Tender documents may only be obtained in person at the address indicated below by an authorised representative of the potential Tenderer upon submission of the signed original of the confidentiality agreement.

The confidentiality statement shall be completed in line with the form specified by the Employer (enclosed). The authorised representative shall hold power of attorney for obtaining the said documents on behalf of the potential Tenderer (original or certified copy).

First Stage tenders must be delivered to the address below at or before 12.00 Moscow time on 18 February, 2016.

All Second Stage tenders must be accompanied by a Tender Security of €13,000.00 (Thirteen Thousand Euros) or its equivalent in a convertible currency, and must be delivered to the address below on or before the time and date of the submission deadline specified in the Letter of Invitation to submit Second Stage tenders, at which time they will be opened in the presence of the tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend.

A register of potential tenderers who have received the tender documents may be inspected at the address below.

Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect and receive the tender documents at, the following office:

Mr Mikhail Repin,

Project Manager

Joint Stock Company Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (JSC FCNRS)

5, Pyzhevsky Pereulok, Office 228, Moscow 119017, Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 780 74 83, ext. 256 or 369

Fax: +7 499 324 0205