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Procurement Notice Details

Pre-disposal hydrogeological monitoring of radiana site and geochemical analysis during construction of ndf [national disposal facility] phase 1 (r-project 3e-a)

Purchaser: The Bulgarian State Enterprise for Radioactive Waste
Website link: click here

Pre-disposal Hydrogeological Monitoring of Radiana Site and Geochemical analysis during construction of NDF Phase 1 (R-Project 3E-A)

Procurement ref:


Business sector:
Nuclear safety

Project number:

Funding source:
Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund

Contract type:
Consultancy Services

Notice type:
Invitation for expressions of interest (loan or grant funded)

Issue date:
08 May 2018

Closing date:
28 May 2018 at 14:00 Local time

Invitation for Expressions of Interest

Assignment Description:

The Bulgarian State Enterprise for Radioactive Waste (SERAW) is constructing a National Disposal Facility (NDF) for short-lived low and intermediate level radioactive wastes generated in Bulgaria. Radioactive wastes conditioned in cement and packed in reinforced concrete containers will be disposed in a near surface modular multibarrier engineered disposal facility trench type. The wastes primarily arise from the decommissioning of Units 1-4 at the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. The NDF is located on land adjacent to the KNPP site. The construction of the NDF Phase 1 started 2016 and will last till 2021.

The execution of a pre-disposal hydrogeological monitoring programme on the Radiana site during construction of NDF Phase 1 is important aspect of the activities that has to be implemented before commissioning of the facility.

The purpose of this project is to continue the collection of data and to update the existing baseline information for the hydrogeological conditions prevailing at the NDF site prior to commencement of operations and to provide information for any changes in the hydrogeological settings due to the construction activities.

SERAW has already established a comprehensive hydrogeological monitoring system with especially designed and constructed observation wells. The system has been working properly for more than three years and permanently collects information for the local aquifer of the NDF site for background purposes.

SERAW intends to engage a Consultant to continue the pre-disposal hydrogeological monitoring of Radiana Site and geochemical analysis during construction of NDF Phase 1. The results of the assignment will be used for the safety assessment required for permission to commissioning of the NDF. The findings later will be compared with the monitoring results obtained during the operational and post-closure periods of the facility.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

. Monitoring of saturated zone (aquifer) by the already established hydrogeological monitoring system; this monitoring shall provide actual information for the hydrogeological conditions of the repository site and its surroundings during the NDF construction;
. Geochemical analysis of ground water samples collected from the observation wells of the hydrogeological monitoring system; the analysis has to provide information for particular geochemical characteristics of ground water of the repository site during the NDF construction;
. Upgraded modelling of groundwater flow in geoenvironment of the repository site and its surroundings based on the collected monitoring data;
. Providing of permanent operation of the established hydrogeological monitoring system during the NDF construction;
. Development of hydrogeological monitoring programme during the NDF operation.

Status of the Selection Process: Interested Consultants are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The assignment is anticipated to start in September 2018 and is expected to last about forty nine (49) months to cover the period of NDF construction.

Maximum budget available for the assignment: EUR 280,000.00 (Two Hundred Eighty Thousand Euros) (Exclusive VAT) available for the assignment and shall be free from any and all taxes, custom duties or other fees or mandatory payments arising in or as a result of performance of services in the country of the Assignment (Bulgaria).

Funding source: The contract will be financed by a Grant from the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF).

Eligibility: Consultant selection will be carried out in accordance with EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules (2014 Edition) and will be open to firms from any country. The proceeds of the KIDSF Grant will not be used for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations or under a law of official regulation of the Purchaser's country.

The Consultant may be a firm or a consortium of firms with relevant experience in all areas needed for the performance of the assignment as described above, which must include expertise in the following specific areas:

. Implementation of hydrogeological monitoring for nuclear facilities[1] and experience in associated requirements, methodologies and procedures;
. Collection of ground water samples (up to 100 m depth) and quantitative assessment of their physical and geochemical parameters;
. Modelling of groundwater flow in geoenvironment;
. Maintenance of hydrogeological monitoring systems;
. Hydrogeological investigation of geoenvironment of near surface disposal facilities;
. Implementation of hydrogeological monitoring of nuclear facilities in Bulgaria would be advantage;

Submission requirements:

In order to determine the capabilities, experience and expertise of consultants seeking to be shortlisted in accordance with the requirements above, the information submitted shall include the following:

. Cover letter including full contact details, including address of the company submitting the expression of interest, phone and fax numbers, email address of contact person;
. Company profile, organisation structure and staffing, registry documents demonstrating continuity of ownership, history of litigation for the previous five years;
. Details of relevant experience and successfully completed similar assignments undertaken in the last 15 (fifteen) years filled in as required in the template.
. Description of the equipment to be used for this assignment (especially equipment for ground water sampling) and laboratories where the analysis will be carried out;
. Completed Contact Sheet, Consultant Declaration and Consultant’s Experience Form using the template.

The templates are available on the following link:

The above information should not exceed 25 pages.

One original and two (2) numbered copies of the above information in English shall be submitted to the SERAW in an envelope marked “Pre-disposal Hydrogeological Monitoring of Radiana Site and Geochemical analysis during construction of NDF Phase” to reach the SE RAW not later than 14:00 Bulgarian time 28 May 2018.

The address of the SERAW is:

State Enterprise Radioactive Waste

Decommissioning-Repository Project Management Unit (D-R PMU)

Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Site, SERAW Office “Protocol” Premises

3321 Kozloduy


Attention: Head of D-R PMU

Office tel.: +359 973 7 6422

Fax.: +359 973 7 4508


Important Note:

The selection will be made on a single open competitive selection method from the responses to this notification only and based on the evaluation of the firm’s proven experience and current expertise related to the assignment. Only the highest ranked Consultant will be requested to submit technical and financial proposals, if invited to negotiate the contract, subject of availability of funding.

[1] The Bulgarian Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy states: "Nuclear facility" means a facility and its associated land, buildings and equipment in which radioactive material is produced, processed, used, handled, stored or disposed of on such a scale that consideration of nuclear safety and radiation protection is required. Any radioactive waste management facility shall likewise qualify as "nuclear facility."