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Framatome ANP, Fuel design &sales division / Fragema

Fuel design and sales division designs the PWR fuel assemblies and offers services associated with their supply and use. It sells fuel reloads via Fragema.
These fuel assemblies are either of the enriched natural uranium, reprocessed uranium (REPU), or mixed uranium and plutonium oxide (MOX) type.

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Address: 10, rue Juliette RĂ©camier
Lyon Cedex06
Ownership 1:100% Framatome ANP

Products: Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
Fuel assemblies: conventional (PWR/BWR)
Fuel consolidation
Fuel design
Fuel engineering
Fuel inspection equipment and services (spent fuel)
Fuel management software
Fuel performance analysis
Fuel testing and research
Leaking fuel rod detection
MOX fuel assemblies
Refueling services

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