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WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd

W.L. Gore & Associates lead the world in the design and manufacture of radiation tolerant cable system for the Nuclear Industry.

A proven track record spanning many years within the industry has been established through the design and manufacture of unique, high reliability cable systems which provide cost effective solutions to challenging problems.

Experience has shown that the involvement of Gore at the conceptual design stage of a project can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of an overall system.

With well over 30 years of materials development forming the backbone of Gore together with applications specific research, the most complex and challenging cable management problems which face the Nuclear Industry can be solved. In many cases past experience of similar applications can provide the solution.

Gore has a unique capability of taking a cable system project from its initial identification stage through to the supply of a complete detailed design package including all relevant specifications and documentation. Design activities are supported by the latest CAD systems and follow recognised international quality standards.

Designs need not be limited to electrical components. Fluid and hydraulic lines together with strength members and optical fibres can be integrated into hybrid designs.

Address: Mariner Drive
Dundee Technology Park
Company type:Limited
Year created:1958
Products: Power Plant Electrical Devices:
Cable trays, supports and management systems
Cables: radiation resistant

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
Heat and radiation resistant cables and fiber optics

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