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Vanatome SA

Vanatome - the company (See

Founded in 1978 Vanatome has specialized in the conception and manufacturing of industrial valves for the nuclear, the navy and others industries. Due to its strong innovative capacity and its investment policy in Research and development (many registered licenses) Vanatome has been able to respond for the best towards its different clients.
Vanatome products apply to most valves functions (isolation, regulation, protection, safety and measurement…) in numerous applications going from saturated or superheated steam to dangerous or corrosive fluids along with special gas and liquids.
The comprehensive Vanatome’s fabrication program is composed with isolating valves (gate valves, globe valves, bellows globe valves, ball valves, cylindrical plug valves, check valves, valves in composite materials), instrumentation valves and manifolds, rupture discs and metal diaphragm for various applications and control valves (rotary control valves, single plug control valves, double plug control valves DUOFLUX®, low noise control valves, non cavitating control valves, butterfly metal/metal control valves, desuperheating and pressure reduction control valves, self operated controllers, tank blanketing systems).
All dimensions are between DN6 and DN2000 with pressure going from ISO PN20 – 150 lbs. to ISO PN750 – 4500 lbs. and over.

Vanatome - the application fields

Nuclear (30% of sales)
Nuclear stations: primary circuit, secondary and auxiliary circuits, measurement and control processes, fuel circuit, dangerous fluid (radioactivity), fundamental research, experimental reactors, test loops.

Our main references:
Electricite de France, Tractebel, Electrabel, Framatome, Cogema, Commission of atomic energy, SGN, Alstom, Qinshan phase II, Daya Bay, Tian Wan, CFE Mexico …

Navy industry (30% of sales)
Propulsion system of nuclear submarines and nuclear aircraft carrier, steam heating, auxiliary circuits
Our main references
General delegation for armament, Direction of naval construction, Technicatome, CNIM, Aeronautic center of Toulouse, Jet propulsion test center of Saclay…

Industry (40% of sales)
Conventional flame thermal center, circulate fluidized bed, gas steam turbine, incineration, industrial processes, installation protection, city heating systems,
Our main references
Electricite de France, Tractebel, Alstom, Elyo (Suez-Lyonnaise des eaux), Dalkia (Vivendi-generale des eaux),

Vanatome - Quality assurance.

In order to ensure the quality of manufacture and maintenance service and technical assistance to the most exigent customers, Vanatome has developed for more than 15 years an ambitious program of quality assurance for the products, works and services, materialized by prestigious references:

ISO 9001, EDF level 1, Framatome Q1, ASME III NQA1 (AIB Vinçotte), CFE Mexico.

Main email:to send an email to this company click here
Address: Z.I. de la Brassière - BP 10
Number of employees:40
Company type:Limited
Ownership 1:Vanafin 100%
Year created:1978
Capital:1,3000,000 FRF
Qualifications:ISO9001, EDF level 1, Framatome Q1, ASME III (AIB Vincotte)
Products: Pumps / Valves / Pipes / Tubing:
Valve: Check
Valves, class 1 or equivalent
Valves, class 2 or equivalent
Valves, class 3 or equivalent
Valves: Ball
Valves: Bellows
Valves: Butterfly
Valves: Control
Valves: Fast operating
Valves: Gate
Valves: Globe
Valves: High Pressure
Valves: Isolation
Valves: Low cobalt
Valves: Main steam isolation
Valves: Manifold
Valves: Needle
Valves: Needle
Valves: Plug
Valves: Pressure seals
Valves: Steam
Valves: Stop check
Valves: Vacuum

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