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Qal-Tek Associates L.L.C.

Qal-Tek Associates is a NRC licensed leading service provider and "one-stop-shop" for customers who require services related to radiation protection and radioactive material licensees.

With over 800 clients in 25 states, and a documented history of quality performance on Federal, private, and commercial contracts ranging from $25k to $5M, our professional staff can supply you with the following support services;

- Calibration, maintenance, repair, sales, & installation of all types and models of radiation detection instruments and monitoring systems
- X-ray machine inspections & certifications
- Radiation Protection Program assessments
- Dose re-construction studies
- Radiation surveys,leak tests,etc.
- Dosimetry processing
- Radioactive Source disposals (all isotopes)

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Address: 3998 Commerce Circle
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Number of employees:18
Company type:LLC
Ownership 1:100% Qal-Tek Associates
Year created:1998
Capital:$ 1.1M
Qualifications:ANSI Z540.1, ISO 9001
Products: Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:
Industrial safety
Licensing - Regulatory
Probabilistic Risk and Safety Assessment
Procurement: public sector
Project audit
Project preparation and management
QA/QC and QA/QC audits
Vendor qualification

Cleaning / Decontamination:
Cleaning/Decontamination chemicals and materials
Cleaning/Decontamination equipment
Cleaning/Decontamination services
Decontamination for dismantling/decommissioning
High pressure cleaning/decontamination
Mechanical cleaning/decontamination
Ultrasonic cleaning/decontamination

Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
NDT equipment calibration and testing

Decommissioning/Dismantling of small facilities/laboratories
Exposure, activities & material tracking systems
Surveillance and monitoring systems

Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Air monitoring and samplers
Alpha/Beta shielding
Electronic personnel dosimeters & associated equipment
Film badge services
Film badges
General HP supplies
Hand held monitoring equipment
HP personnel
HP services
Monitors, hand feet body surface
Neutron dosimeters and associated services
Personnal decontamination equipment
Protective clothing
Radioprotection planning, analysis and engineering
Respiratory protection equipment
Swipes/Wipe test counters
TLD services
Whole Body Counters

Irradiation / Sources / Accelerators:
Accelerators shielding and health physics
Sources: for medical use

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Air monitors
Alpha detectors
Alpha/Beta counting systems
Beta detectors
Gamma detectors
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers (portable)
Gate monitors
Imaging for biological applications
Ion chambers
Laundry radiation monitoring
Leak testing
Mobile radiological monitoring laboratory
Off-site radioactivity monitoring system
Proportional counters
Radiation detection engineering
Radiation monitoring gates for cars/trucks
Radon detection
Scintilliation detectors
Testing, Calibration, Maintenance
Tool monitors
Vehicle monitors
Ventilation radiation monitoring
Waste radiation monitoring
X-ray detection and measurement

Health physics
Nuclear industry traning
Quality Assurance training
Radiation detection and measurement
Training equipment

Transport and Containers:
A type container
B type container
C type container
Disposal & storage containers (not for transport)
Neutron source containers

Waste (other than Fuel and High Level):
Environmental impact assessment
LLW/ILW waste disposal services
Waste broker

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