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Chekhov is Russia's leading manufacturer and supplier of pilot operated safety valves, control valves and high-pressure valves. It is also Russia's largest manufacturer of high pressure (up to 40MPa) critical temperature (up to 650C) pipeline valves for various applications, in nominal diameter range of 6-800 mm, intended for use at large heat and nuclear power stations, and in the oil, gas, metallurgical and other industries. Chekhov can provide equipment for repair.

The Nuclear sales represent about 50% of Chekhov's total sales.

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Address: 142300
Chekhov -4 ul
Moscow region g
Number of employees:1700
Company type:public
Ownership 1:Energomash Corporation
Year created:1942
Qualifications:ISO 9001, CE
Products: Pumps / Valves / Pipes / Tubing:
Valves: Control
Valves: Fast operating
Valves: High Pressure
Valves: Pressure relief
Valves: Safety, relief

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