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Sonic Systems International, Inc.

Refueling Operations
In 2005, SSI completed forty – five (45), BWR / PWR refueling outages, which included supporting reactor vessel assembly / re-assembly, core alterations, fuel movement, CRD exchange / rebuild, crane operations and other refueling outage related tasks.

During the last thirty-six (36) months SSI Refueling Floor staff has completed over one-thousand (1000) individual assignments on the refueling floor of sixty-six (66) different nuclear power plants in nine (9) different countries. SSI has maintained a staff of in excess of one-hundred (100) core staff at all times who are qualified and certified to perform refueling operations in a BWR and PWR plants.

In-Service Inspection Operations
Our inspection team is qualified to perform a wide range of manual and automated examination techniques. These examinations include reactor vessel, primary systems and specialty examinations.

Quality Control / Assurance Field Services
The Quality Control / Assurance field services staff provides on-site audit and oversight of project functions. We also perform pre-project vendor assessments, audits and fabrication process verifications. Our QA Program was first issued in January 1977 and is NUPIC Audited and Approved.

Dry Cask Operations
SSI has in the last five years completed five dry cask projects including the current efforts at Palo Verde.

Address: 1880 Dairy Ashford
Suite 207
Number of employees:375
Company type:private
Ownership 1:100% SSI
subsidiaries:Global Outage Services, Inc.

Year created:1977
Qualifications:ASME, EPRI, ASNT, AWS
Products: Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:
QA/QC and QA/QC audits

Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Dye and fluorescent penetrants
Eddy current inspection
Inspection and maintenance services
Magnetic particle inspection
NDT equipment calibration and testing
Pipe inspection and repair
Radiographic inspection (Gamma)
Ultrasonic inspection
Visual inspection and cameras (non radiation resistant)
Visual inspection and cameras (radiation resistant)

Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
HLW Interim storage
HLW storage
Refueling services
Spent fuel storage construction
Spent fuel storage design and engineering
Spent fuel storage, dry

Transport and Containers:
Spent fuel storage and shipping casks

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