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Lokmis is the leading company delivering modern state-of-art measurement solutions and equipment in Lithuania. Company profile includes nuclear instruments, chemical analysis and life science, metrology and physical measurement, telecommunication equipment. Daughter companies in Latvia and Moldova.
Nuclear sector: supply of nuclear spectroscopy, radiometry, dosimetry , radiation detection and identification, personnel and vehicle access contamination control systems, ionizing radiation sources, protection and decontamination tools, air samplers. Supply of integrated system solutions for nuclear power plants (operating and on decommissioning), nuclear medicine, environmental monitoring, customs and safeguards, metal scrap control. Design and production of mobile laboratory for nuclear and radiological accidents. Safeguard X-ray systems.

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Address: Visoriu str. 2
Number of employees:20
Company type:Joint stock company
subsidiaries:Latvia - SIA Skailoks,
Moldova - SRL Lokmera,

Year created:1995
Qualifications:ISO9001, Licence to sell ionizing radiation sources

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