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ABS Consulting

ABS Consulting is a global integrity, safety and risk management company with nearly a half century of experience completing challenging projects in all parts of the world. An affiliated company of ABS, we have offices in over 30 countries and over 1,100 employees worldwide.

In the UK, ABS Consulting grew significantly with the acquisition of EQE International Ltd in 2000. Working with a base of around 100 employees in the UK, we also draw on areas of expertise from ABS Consulting internationally to complete world class projects.


ABS Consulting offer a wide range of services to the nuclear industry, including:

Risk Management

Natural and man-made hazard identification,assessment and analysis; Safety and security assessments and policy review; MIDAS; Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP, HAZID, HAZAN); Periodic Safety Reviews; Probabilistic Safety Assessment; Emergency preparedness; Financial and commercial risk management; Business continuity

Nuclear Engineering

Mechanical, civil, electrical, pipework & C&I system assessment and design substantiation; Technical service support to planning enquiries; Reliability, availability and maintainability; Seismic engineering (including GIP and NARE); Site decommissioning plans; Finite element analysis; Code, Impact and Blast Assessments

Safety Cases

Pre-Construction Safety Report; Safety Principles definition / review; Safety Case Management; Safety Case production, verification and modifications; Independent safety assessment support and peer review; Safety submissions; Hazard Assessment and Analysis; Fault Schedules; ALARP Assessments

Asset Integrity

Risk Informed Asset Management; ASME and Third Party Inspections; Vendor inspections; Testing and auditing, factory acceptance testing; Quality assurance audit; Bank / insurance engineer; New build consortium advisor

Programme Management

Commercial risk management; Project management; Outage management and substantiation; Quality assurance plans and management


Training in all of the above areas; Nuclear awareness training; Project Management; Security training; Systematic Approach to Training methodology

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Address: EQE House, The Beacons
Warrington Road
Number of employees:100
Company type:Limited (in UK)
Products: Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:
Emergency planning
Licensing - Regulatory
Nuclear engineering
Plant life time extension/ageing
Probabilistic Risk and Safety Assessment
Project audit
Project preparation and management
QA/QC and QA/QC audits
Safety Analysis
System engineering

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
I&C systems engineering

Nuclear industry traning
Quality Assurance training

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