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Care Wise Medical Products Corporation

The C-Trak® Surgical Guidance System from Care Wise Medical Products is used for Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Node Biopsy procedures. The C-Trak® Surgical Guidance System has been designed to be used by a surgeon in identifying tissues which contain radioisotope label.

The C-Trak® Automatic Analyzer has a number of new features which offer the surgeon increased ease of use and greater accuracy than other analyzers. Among these are: "hands-free" calibration, calibration checks, and diagnostic checks; menu-controlled selection of isotopes; and a screen displaying counts per second and timed counts. User-definable Window and Threshold settings allow precise control of radioisotope detection, and combine to allow the C-Trak® system to eliminate scattered background radiation. A superior sound circuit allows easy localization of target tissue. The new C-Trak® OmniProbe offers unparalleled control and flexibility… a single probe to fill all your radiation detection needs.

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Address: PO Box 1655
Morgan Hill
Company type:Private
Year created:1986
Qualifications:ISO 9002;13485;2003
Products: Medical:
Gamma detecting surgical probes

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