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Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc.

Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc. is an established manufacturer of high performance metal extrusions and fabrications to the nuclear, medical, aerospace & chemical industries.

The Complete Extruding Facility
Established in the late 1950's to manufacture seamless zirconium alloy pressure tubes, Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc. now manufactures a wide range of high performance products. The Extrusion Division, with 80,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and featuring a Sutton 3150 ton extrusion press, is a major supplier of seamless titanium tubing and pipe.

The Multi Process Welding Facility
The Joining Technology Division operates an Electron Beam Welding facility, manufacturing products to meet the exacting and diverse requirements of Nu-Tech's customers. The size and shape of fabrications, ranging from prototypes to production quantities, is virtually unlimited! The division also uses conventional 'open arc' processes using state of the art power sources & is approved by Transport Canada for weld repair & NDE of aircraft components.

Quality Assurance and Testing
The quality assurance policy of Nu-Tech is all encompassing and consistent. Advanced production equipment, meticulous processing methods, stringent in-process quality monitoring and multiple verification procedures are integrated into the total manufacturing cycle. As a result, the company has a fully implemented Quality Assurance Program meeting the requirements of CAN3-CSA Z299.2 (equivalent to ISO 9002).

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Address: 460 McCartney Street
P.O. Box 7
Arnprior, Ontario
K7S 3H2
Ownership 1:PRIVATE
Year created:1959
Qualifications:CSA Z299.2
Products: Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
Fuel cladding

Pumps / Valves / Pipes / Tubing:
Tubing: Titanium
Tubing: Zircaloy

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