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Ansaldo Nucleare (a division of Ansaldo Energia)

Ansaldo Nucleare is a Division of ANSALDO ENERGIA SpA.
In the ANSALDO ENERGIA organization (over 100 years of experience in power generation with an installed capacity of more than 142,000 MW in over 70 countries) Ansaldo Nucleare has the responsibility of all the activities pertaining to the nuclear sector.

Ansaldo Nucleare is based in Genova (Italy) where the design and engineering activities are performed. The manufacturing of nuclear components is executed in Milan at the ANSALDO Special Components Unit workshop.

The Ansaldo Nucleare main scope includes:
· engineering, construction and service of nuclear power plants and research facilities
· design and manufacturing of large nuclear components
· supply of Fuel Handling Storage Equipment and radwaste management facilities
· decommissioning of nuclear installations
· development of future generation advanced nuclear plants

From the early nineties Ansaldo Nucleare has started international co-operations to develop new generation nuclear power plants and to participate in the international effort for the modernization of the VVER reactors.
Ansaldo Nucleare is actively participating in waste treatment programs in Italy and abroad and is involved in decommissioning of nuclear plants in Italy.

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Address: Corso Perrone, 25
16161 GENOVA
Number of employees:190
Company type:public
Ownership 1:100% Finmeccanica
Year created:1853
Capital:50,000,000,000 LIT
Qualifications:ASME (N Stamp), ISO9001
Products: Access control / Security / Fire protection:
Fire protection engineering

Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:
Fire protection
Safety Analysis

Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Robotic equipment/manipulators

Front end engineering
Remote handling technology

Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
Fuel racks
Refueling equipment and manipulators
Spent fuel storage casks

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
I&C systems engineering

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):

Reactors, NSSS Main Components:
BWR design and engineering
Fast Breeders design and engineering
Heavy water reactor design and engineerig
PWR design and engineering
Steam Generators and associated components

Transport and Containers:
Spent fuel storage and shipping casks

Waste (other than Fuel and High Level):
Liquid radwaste treatment
LLW/ILW waste treatment, conditioning and disposal equipment
Waste management consultant & engineering
Waste management systems design

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