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Nuclear Related Tenders - Worldwide

Our staff of nuclear engineers regularly analyse Procurement Notices from various sources of information around the world. Feel free to test our easy to use tools to monitor the tenders that matter.

Some of the suppliers already using's service

Name Description /year £** /year $** /year
1 month trial Free Free Free
Single User 1 account Available for small companies only * 1225 1070 1350
Medium size Corporation 3 accounts Available to medium size companies only 2610 2285 2870
Large Corporation 6 accounts 4560 3990 5010
International Group International group + subsidiaries Quote required Quote required Quote required

*less than 10 employees and annual turnover of less than 1 million euros - slightly larger companies involved in a single country may also be eligible
**may vary from one month to another (depend on exchange rates) - include bank charges
. Single user – no forwarding of emails
. Medium and large corporation – unlimited forwarding of email within company (one country)
. Other conditions apply - see our terms and conditions for details

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Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection
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Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others)
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Reactors, NSSS Main Components
Specialised Inspection and Maintenance
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Waste (other than Fuel and High Level)

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