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Fy 2020 sbir/sttr phase i release 1 [small business innovation research (sbir) and small business technology transfer (sttr)]
Purchaser: Department of Energy - Office Of Science
Location: USA

Carbon-14 release of irradiated agr graphite
Purchaser: Radioactive Waste Management
Location: UK

Architectural, engineering and planning services [framework contract for architecture, civil engineering and engineering services, etc]
Purchaser: Institut national des radioéléments
Location: Belgium

It services: consulting, software development, internet and support [artificial intelligence - qualification system]
Purchaser: EDF SA Domaine achats informatique et télécommunications
Location: France

Fuel handling (fh) d2o couplings
Purchaser: Bruce Power
Location: Canada

Architectural, engineering and planning services [framework contract for architecture, civil engineering and engineering services, etc][amendment]
Purchaser: Institut national des radioéléments
Location: Belgium

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services [data and files updating (related to cpy plants)]
Purchaser: EDF SA
Location: France

Development of low-level radwaste containers for nuclear power plant decommissioning
Purchaser: Taiwan Power Company
Location: Taiwan

Environmental monitoring other than for construction [provision of services: radiological habits surveys]
Purchaser: Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Location: UK

Contract administration services [framework contract for support services (project management, quality assurance and engineering)]
Purchaser: Institut National des Radioéléments
Location: Belgium

Repair and maintenance services of security equipment [repair of 7 electromagnets for primary pumps]
Purchaser: „AETs Kozloduy“ EAD
Location: Bulgaria

Iec standards related to radiation protection equipment [amendment]
Purchaser: IAEA
Location: Jordan

Edwards brand name, vacuum products
Purchaser: Department of Energy - SLAC National Accelerator Lab
Location: USA

Consultative engineering and construction services [technical support (7 different disciplines)]
Purchaser: Norsk nukleær dekommisjonering (NND)
Location: Norway

Nuclear evaluation instruments [scintillation counter]
Purchaser: Institut Ruđer Bošković
Location: Croatia

Ns savannah decon-lt [controlled industrial and radiological dismantlement of the facility (decon) leading to license termination (lt)]
Purchaser: Department of Transportation - Maritime Administration
Location: USA

Particle analysis services (pas) ii
Purchaser: Department of the Air Force
Location: USA

Step wp11 - feasibility study into the use of anodised aluminium magnets in fusion reactors
Purchaser: United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
Location: UK

Sampling and analysis of atmospheric emissions - garigliano plant
Purchaser: SOGIN SpA
Location: Italy

Supply of a pedestrian special electric forklift
Purchaser: European Commission, JRC – Joint Research Centre
Location: Germany

Radon surveys/dosimetry
Purchaser: Ville de Nantes
Location: France

Check valves
Purchaser: Eletrobras Termonuclear S/A - Eletronuclear
Location: Brazil

Lifting and handling equipment [seismic studies related to handliing/lifting equipment and other mechanical systems]
Purchaser: EDF SA — Direction des achats groupe
Location: France

Nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological protection equipment [x-ray protection equipment, personal protective equipment - medical][amendment]
Purchaser: Azienda USL di Bologna
Location: Italy

Mobile medium pressure injection pump
Purchaser: Taiwan Power Company Third Nuclear Power Station
Location: Taiwan

Transportation and unloading of generator stator and its spares from mumbai port to npcil,kaiga -3&4
Purchaser: NPCIL
Location: India

Disposal of radioactive waste [technical support — 'national plant' for used fuel and radioactive waste]
Purchaser: Norsk nukleær dekommisjonering (NND)
Location: Norway

Uninterruptible power supplies [ups service repair and battery replacement][amendment]
Purchaser: Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd
Location: UK

Diagnostic service related to medium and high voltage electrical equipment - caorso plant
Purchaser: SOGIN SpA
Location: Italy

Construction of underground concrete simulation structure
Purchaser: Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd. (CNL)
Location: Canada

Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses) [wfm chopper disc assemblies]
Purchaser: UK Research and Innovation
Location: UK and Sweden

Maintenance of heating power supply, 1 set
Purchaser: National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
Location: Japan

Diagnostics: update market survey collective thomson scattering
Purchaser: The European Joint Undertaking for ITER and the development of Fusion Energy ('Fusion for Energy')
Location: Not available

Drywall work to improve fire protection
Purchaser: JEN Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen mbH
Location: Germany

Removal of shielding located inside the reactor building - phenix plant
Purchaser: CEA Marcoule
Location: France

Treatment of wood boxes against xylophagous insects (collection of core samples)
Purchaser: CEA Cadarache
Location: France

Installation of metal structures [tornado passive protections - tricastin plant]
Purchaser: EDF SA Direction des achats AAI Méditerranée
Location: France

Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses) [optics]
Purchaser: Synchrotron soleil
Location: France

Facade works - inb 52 atue workshops
Purchaser: CEA Cadarache
Location: France

Radioactive waste material disposal
Purchaser: Department of Veterans Affairs - Hampton VAMC
Location: USA

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