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Contamination monitors
Purchaser: IAEA, posted on 27 March 20
Market research services [public information measures evaluation, public information services, etc - high level waste repository project]
Purchaser: Bundesamt für die Sicherheit der nuklearen Entsorgung, posted on 27 March 20
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Nuclear Buyers Guide

With the help of its members, maintains a database of more than 2000 Nuclear Suppliers worldwide.

If you are looking for a specific product, equipment or service, our Buyers Guide is here to assist.

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Rados (Finland)
MGP (France)
Diakont (Russia)

Saturday 4 April 2020
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USA - NRC approves Crystal River licence transfer
WNN, 02/04/2020
US allowing longer shifts at nuclear plants in pandemic
Washington Post, 02/04/2020
Hungarian minister highlights importance of nuclear energy
WNN, 02/04/2020
IAEA Reviews Management of Water Stored at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
IAEA, 02/04/2020
Rosatom takes measures in Egypt’s Dabaa nuclear plant over coronavirus
Egypt today, 01/04/2020
Pandemic adds to emergency exercise complexity
WNN, 01/04/2020
Russia drafts strategy for low-carbon development
WNN, 01/04/2020
Croatia - Location for Radioactive Waste Management Centre Taken Over by Fund
Total Croatia News, 01/04/2020
Is the long-awaited supply shock finally here for uranium?
Small Caps, 01/04/2020
Sweden - Cheap Energy Just Shut Down a Nuclear Reactor
Financial Post, 01/04/2020
Russia - BN-600 licensed to operate until 2025
WNN, 01/04/2020
France - Decree delays deadline for start-up of Flamanville EPR
WNN, 31/03/2020
Japan - TEPCO puts cost to remove melted nuclear fuel at over 1 trillion yen
Asahi Shimbun, 31/03/2020
Update on UK nuclear new-build projects
Nuclear Engineering, 31/03/2020
Thorium could refuel the future of nuclear energy
McGill Tribune, 31/03/2020