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Canadian active neutron spectrometer (cans)
Purchaser: Canadian Space Agency, posted on 31 July 21
Literature review for novel hydrogen getter materials
Purchaser: Radioactive Waste Management, posted on 30 July 21
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Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Finland - Turbine work delays Olkiluoto 3 start up
WNN, 02/08/2021
China - Fifth Hongyanhe unit enters commercial operation
WNN, 02/08/2021
UK - EDF’s plans to produce pink hydrogen at proposed 3.2GW nuclear plant are 'daft': Liebreich
Recharge, 02/08/2021
Poland's nuclear high-wire act at East-West crossroads
DW, 02/08/2021
USA - Nuclear power could get lifeline in Senate infrastructure Bill
Mining Weekly, 02/08/2021
USA - Fuel Loading Only Major Milestone Left for Vogtle Unit 3 Nuclear Project
Power Magazine, 30/07/2021
Spain - IAEA reviews long-term safety of Spain's Ascó plant
WNN, 30/07/2021
US regulator issues FEIS for Texas interim storage facility
WNN, 30/07/2021