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To add your company to our database of suppliers simply follow the following two steps

Step 1 - Check first if your company is already listed

Step 2 - Fill in the following form

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1) Company correspondence details:
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2) Company description:
Write or cut and paste from a MSWord or WordPerfect a short decription of your company (maximum 1500 characters or about 200 words). Please note again that special characters should be avoided.

3) Number of employees and company type:
number of employees:
Company type:
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4) Turnover:
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5) Ownership:
. Ownership 1: 50% Company1
. Ownership 2: 30% Company2
. Ownership 3: 20% Company3
Ownership 1:
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Ownership 3:
Ownership 4:

6) Subsidiaries:

7) Year created
Year created:
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8) Capital
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9) Qualifications:
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10) Director of personnel:
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11) Update Contact Details:
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Note 3: we will send one email to the address below every year as a reminder to check that the details we hold are still valid.
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