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Pentek Inc.

Pentek, Inc. was established in 1981 to provide engineering, consulting, and research and development services in the fields of hazardous materials decontamination and decomissioning. From this expertise, Pentek moved into the manufacturing of customized equipment and services for the removal of hazardous materials from concrete and steel in a dry, one-step operation that immediately packages debris via vacuum with no airborne release. This technology is applicable for lead-based paint, PCBs, radiologically contaminated surfaces, chemical residues, or any material that must he strictly controlled and contained in the removal process.

Pentek also has designed and actively markets a fully automated robotic wall locomotion device to service large vertical and horizontal surfaces (domes, tanks, cavities, stacks, buildings, and beams) with work specific modules; i.e., characterization, inspection, cleaning, etc.

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Address: 1026 Fourth Ave.
Coraopolis, PA
Number of employees:25
Company type:Corporation
Ownership 1:N/A
Ownership 2:N/A
Ownership 3:N/A
Ownership 4:N/A
Year created:1981
Products: Cleaning / Decontamination:
Cleaning/Decontamination chemicals and materials
Cleaning/Decontamination equipment
Cleaning/Decontamination services
Concrete cleaning/decontamination
Decontamination for dismantling/decommissioning
Mechanical cleaning/decontamination

Remote handling technology

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