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Thermo Fisher Scientific, CIDTEC Cameras & Imagers

CID8825D Color Radiation Hardened Solid State Video Camera

Thermo CIDTEC's ColorRAD camera is a proven solid state, high performance, radiation hardened CID-based solid state camera designed to provide sharp, crisp, Color video images at dose rates of 250K rads/hr. (Gamma) and total dose capability greater than three million (3x10^6) rads Si, in NTSC, or PAL video format.

Thermo CIDTEC develops and manufactures high performance Charge Injection Device (CID) solid state video cameras and sensors for the most demanding imaging applications. Radiation hardened cameras are available for imaging in high radiation environments such as nuclear reactor inspection, surveillance, hot cell, and x-ray imaging. Intensified cameras are available for extremely low light level imaging and high-speed events. Thermo CIDTEC standard product line offers traditional anti-blooming performance that is synonymous with CID technology.

Main email:to send an email to this company click here
Address: 101 Commerce Blvd.
Number of employees:25
Company type:A Thermo Fisher Scientific company
Ownership 1:100% Thermo Fisher Scientific
subsidiaries:Thermo Scientific
Thermo Electron
Fisher Scientific
CID Technologies, Inc.

Year created:1987
Products: Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Visual inspection and cameras (non radiation resistant)
Visual inspection and cameras (radiation resistant)

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