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MEDDINGS Radiographics Ltd Formerly C.S. Products (TE) Ltd

Suppliers, designer and manufacturers of non destructive testing equipment.Industrial gamma radiography (IRIDIUM 192 YTTERBIUM 169 SELENIUM 75 COBALT 60 CAESIUM 137.
Shielding devices for radiography in radiactive environments. RSS and AutoRad film devices using either gamma or x-ray equipment.

Ultrasonic systems, transducers and scanners for the inspection of austentic stainless steel pipes, corrosion pitting and HAZ attack.

Consultancy in NDT to the nuclear industry UK, Germany, France, Japan and the US.
Knowledge of transport cask inspection, interim storage casks such as VSC-24 and Transtor.

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Address: Kingsley Close, East Way
Lee Mill Industrial Estate
PL21 9LL
Number of employees:5
Company type:Limited
Year created:1970
Products: Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
NDT equipment calibration and testing

Irradiation / Sources / Accelerators:
Sources: gamma
Sources: irradiators

Power Plant Electrical Devices:

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