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Bartlett Nuclear, Inc.

supplier of radiation protection personnel (i.e., health physics technicians and professionals, and decontamination technicians) and decontamination services to the United States nuclear industry

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Products: Cleaning / Decontamination:
Chemical cleaning/decontamination
Cleaning/Decontamination equipment
CO2 cleaning/decontamination
Filters for chemical cleaning/decontamination solutions
Strippable/special coatings

Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
HP personnel
Local ventilation/High efficiency filtering systems
Workers monitoring software

Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC):
Portable nuclear air treatment systems

Human Resources:
Contract personnel
Health Physics support personnel

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Testing, Calibration, Maintenance

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Scaffolding: advanced

Pumps / Valves / Pipes / Tubing:
Pump: Peristaltic

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