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Enertech (Division of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation)

Enertech is a supplier of valves, actuators, snubbers, diagnostic equipment, instrumentation and controls, pumps, engineering services and outage support service. We maintain N, NPT, NV and UV ASME stamps.

Engineered and Distributed Products include: VALVES: PermaSeat Rotary Disc Valves, NozzleCheck Valves, BIF, Target Rock Solenoid Valves, Masoneilan Control Valves, Marrota ASME Valves, Jamesbury ASME Valves; ACTUATORS: Bettis, Enertech, Paul-Munroe; PUMPS: Goulds; DIAGNOSTIC EQUIP: Volumetrics, Discovery, Testan, Comandd, Solve, Enertech; SNUBBERS: Enertech, Paul-Munroe, E-Systems, Anker-Hilth, McDowell Wellman; NUCLEAR SERVICES: On-site maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, diagnostics, refurbishment, repair and testing

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Address: 2950 Birch Street
Brea, CA
Number of employees:80
Company type:puplic
Ownership 1:100% Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation
Products: Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:
Balance of plant
Installation services
Operation (power plant)
Plant life time extension/ageing
Plant performance
Probabilistic Risk and Safety Assessment
QA/QC and QA/QC audits
Qualification of systems and components
Spare parts management
System engineering
Upgrading engineering and services
Vendor qualification

Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Containement inspection and testing
Feedwater heaters
Inspection and maintenance services
Outage management services

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
Control panels
Data Acquisition Systems
I&C systems engineering
Instrumentation testing/calibration/repair
Leak detection
Loose parts monitoring
Process instrumentation & control equipment
Vibration - Seismic

Pumps / Valves / Pipes / Tubing:
Fluid power and fluid control/Automation
Piping shock absorbers
Piping snubbers
Piping supports
Pump: Centrifugal
Pump: Diaphragm
Pump: High pressure
Pump: Submersible
Pump: Turbine feedwater
Pumps - Valves - Pipes installation and testing services
Seals (pumps and valves)
Valve Actuators: Electric
Valve Actuators: Hydraulic
Valve Actuators: Pneumatic
Valve Actuators: Rotary
Valve: Check
Valves, class 1 or equivalent
Valves, class 2 or equivalent
Valves, class 3 or equivalent
Valves: Ball
Valves: Butterfly
Valves: Control
Valves: diaphragm
Valves: Fast operating
Valves: Gate
Valves: Globe
Valves: High Pressure
Valves: Isolation
Valves: Low cobalt
Valves: Main steam isolation
Valves: Manifold
Valves: Needle
Valves: Packless
Valves: Pressure relief
Valves: Pressure seals
Valves: Safety, relief
Valves: Solenoid
Valves: Steam
Valves: Stop check
Valves: Vacuum

Reactors, NSSS Main Components:
Auxiliary systems heat exchangers
Auxiliary systems pumps, high pressure
Auxiliary systems pumps, low pressure
BWR recirculation pumps
Nuclear Steam Supply Systems
Reactor coolant pumps
Safety and relief valves
Steam Generators and associated components

Specialised Inspection and Maintenance:
Reactor coolant pump inspection
Reactor coolant pump maintenance

Maintenance optimization
Non Destructive Testing
Training center for maintenance operations

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