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ESK (Formerly Wacker Engineered Ceramics, Inc.)

ESK, a Ceradyne Company, is a provider of groundbreaking solutions for ceramic materials. It has extensive experience in the fields of advanced ceramics, ceramic powders and functional coatings. ESK expertise translates into efficient customer-specific solutions.

Thanks to continuous quality enhancement and outstanding technical support, ESK is a preferred business partner around the world.

ESK has manufacturing plants in Kempten, Germany and Bazet, France that make products from Advanced Ceramics, Boron Compounds and Functional Coatings. These products are used in automotive industry and in various industrial applications such as in textile and paper equipment.

ESK is the partner for innovative ceramic products and materials. With experience and innovation in the fields of advanced ceramics, ceramic powders, functional and frictional coatings, we create technical solutions for demanding applications.

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Address: 3169 Red Hill Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA
Ownership 1:100% Ceradyne
Products: Neutron Absorbers:
B-10 enriched boron carbide
Boron carbide
Manufacture of neutron absorbing components

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