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TD Williamson Services, Inc.

T.D. Williamson, Inc. is an international manufacturer and services provider of pipeline maintenance equipment including tapping, plugging, fittings; butt fusion systems; pipeline inspection and cleaning services, scraper traps, closures, signals, and pigs. We modify pipe systems while they remain "LIVE", in service, under pressure and under flowing conditions. The TDW methodology permits pipeline and plant piping to be changed or repaired without loss of service or shutdown of the system. TDW has the capacity to do this in sizes from ¾" up to and including 102" diameter. The process can be utilized on every type of pipe and is applicable to pressures up to 2,200 psig and temperatures to 700 degrees F. The process will work on such systems as natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, propane, hydrogen, water, wastewater, air, steam, and most chemicals.

TDW is the industry’s leading developer of equipment, specialized fittings and technologies to keep pipe systems in service, under pressure and flowing conditions so that essential process service never has to be shut down or taken out of operation in order to perform planned or emergency maintenance functions.

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Address: 6801 South 65th West Avenue
P. O. Box 2217
Tulsa, OK
Number of employees:900
Company type:private
Year created:1922
Qualifications:ASME, ISO9002
Products: Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Freeze plugging
Inspection and maintenance services
Inspection and maintenance tools
Pipe inspection and repair

Isolation of systems
Pipe cutting
Surveillance and monitoring systems

Specialised Inspection and Maintenance:
Piping inspection

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