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Reade Advanced Materials

READE is a manufacturer and value added custom processor of higher technology specialty chemicals (abrasive, alloy, ceramic, composite, filler, metal, mineral, nanomaterial, and reinforcement powders, foils & wires).
Key Words: advanced, specialty, chemical, powder, ultra, high, purity, metal, alloy, ceramic, mineral, composite, nano, filler, reinforcement, abrasive, intermetallic, aluminide, pigment, reagent, usp, epc, pharmacopoeia, particles, flake, irregular, spherical, shot, granule, dispersion, slurry, single crystal, tear drop, needle, fiber, foil, rod, wire, foam, custom, toll, processing, packaging

Address: Post Office Drawer 15039
850 Waterman Avenue
East Providence, Rhode Island
Number of employees:75
Company type:Corporation
Ownership 1:Privately Held
Year created:1884
Capital:Privately Held
Qualifications:ISO 9000
Products: Neutron Absorbers:
Afnium and afnium compounds
B-10 enriched boric acid
B-10 enriched boron carbide
B-10 enriched boron nitride
B-10 enriched boron oxide
B-10 enriched iron boride
B-10 enriched iron boride (Ferroboron)
B-10 sodium pentaborate
Borated aluminium
Boric acid
Boron carbide
Boron containing alloys
Boron nitride
Boron oxide
Indium and indium compounds
Iron boride
Sodium pentaborate

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Metals and alloys, ferrous
Metals and alloys, hardfacing
Metals and alloys, Nikel based
Metals and alloys, non-ferrous
Metals and alloys, titanium
Metals and alloys, zircaloy
Welding equipment, materials and services
Zinc and depleted zinc products

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