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CERCA's main business is the production of fuel elements for nuclear research reactors (laminated and Triga-type fuel).

CERCA also manufactures fuel handling tools, control rods, cold sources, irradiation capsules, neutron multidetectors, and superconducting and RF cavities for high-energy physics apparatus and space applications.

At the Pierrelatte site the CERCA LEA (Laboratoire d'Etalons d'Activit├ęs - Radioactive Standard Laboratory) manufactures and commercialises radioactive standard sources. These sources are used in nuclear medicine and to calibrate radiation measurement equipment in industry, laboratories.

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Ownership 1:100% Framatome ANP
Qualifications:ISO9002 - ISO14001 - LRQA - COFRAQ
Products: Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
Fuel assemblies: research reactors

Irradiation / Sources / Accelerators:
Sources: calibration
Sources: for medical use
Sources: gamma

Laboratory, Test and Research Reactor Equipment:
Laboratory equipment
Materials testing equipment
Nuclear Research Center

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Neutron detectors, Out of core

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Contract manufacturer

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