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Vibro-meter SA (Switzerland)

The VIBRO-METER Company, which is located in Fribourg/Switzerland was founded in 1948 as a research and development laboratory and, since that time, has expanded into a modern factory with a world wide reputation for reliability and integrity.
As the name VIBRO-METER suggests, the Company is principally concerned with the design and manufacture of transducers and associated electronic equipment for the measurement of vibration. This was initially vibration measurement in industry, for example on all types of turbines and generators.
For the last 25 years the VIBRO-METER range of products has expanded considerably and can be generally described as "equipment for the electrical measurement of mechanical data". The VIBRO-METER standard product range now includes more than 250 transducers for the measurement of load, force, displacement, velocity, pressure, icing phenomena and acceleration. The associated electronic equipment is manufactured to the most modern standards using L.S.I. circuits, SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) microprocessors, etc.. The program includes a complete range of indicators and recorders. New fields are constantly being explored for VIBRO-METER equipment and our developments are covered by a large number of patents.
The town of Fribourg, which is the site of VIBRO-METER's principal modern manufacturing and research facility, is in a rapidly expanding industrial area of Switzerland encompassing industries requiring a high degree of mechanical precision and technical skills.
VIBRO-METER SA was part of the Electrowatt group of companies from 1991 until 1998. Meggitt PLC acquired Vibro-Meter in 1998. The group is strongly placed internationally in the aerospace electronics, engineering and instrumentation and will assure a continuous support to strengthen Vibro-Meter's market position.

VIBRO-METER SA has over 40 years experience in the field of transducer and electronics design & manufacture and has established a reputation throughout the world for products of high precision, quality and reliability.
The VIBRO-METER nuclear product range falls into the following categories :

Accelerometer CA901, CA164 for Loose parts monitoring PWR, BWR, ABWR, APWR
Accelerometer CA952 CA 962 for Reactor internal vibration monitoring

Dynamic Pressure Transducer CP103, CP104, CP 211 Dynamic Pressure Monitoring PWR, APWR, BWR, ABWR
Accelerometer CA136M601, CA901, CE136
Speed probe SP 120 Vibration monitoring Primary coolant pump monitoring
Biaxial accelerometer CA602 Steam generator tube vibration monitoring

CA606, CA 607 Fuel pin vibration monitoring (neutron detector position)

Main email:to send an email to this company click here
Address: Rte. de Moncor 4
P. O. Box 1071
Number of employees:450
Company type:Public
Ownership 1:Meggitt PLC
subsidiaries:France, Germany, UK, USA

Year created:1952
Capital:5 MCHF
Qualifications:ISO 9001
Products: Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
Data Acquisition Systems
Data processing systems
Force/Torque/Piezo-eletric transducers
Fuel element monitoring
Instrumentation for normal operation
Leak detection
Loose parts monitoring
Sodium instrumentation (Fast breeders)
Turbine instrumentation
Vibration - Seismic

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