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Isotope Products Laboratories

Isotope Products supplies over 80 different nuclides in a wide variety of physical and chemical forms including radioactive solutions and sealed sources used in Health Physics, Counting Room, and Environmental Applications. IPL has been a continuous participant in the NEI/NIST and DKD measurement assurance and intercomparison program since its inception, allowing IPL to supply a full line of NIST traceable and DKD standards and sources.

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Address: 24937 Ave Tibbitts
Valencia, CA
Number of employees:80
Company type:public
Products: Irradiation / Sources / Accelerators:
Sources: calibration
Sources: for medical use
Sources: gamma
Sources: neutron

CT systems and associated equipment
Dose calibrators
Nuclear medecine accessories
PET lab equipment
Radioisotopes - Sources
Radionuclides calibration standards

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