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Nuclear Division
SRA SAVAC is a maintenance services company, with a 30 years experience in the nuclear domain, mainly in cleaning and inspection in hazardous environment. The nuclear division is composed of 150 people : 100 technicians are working on site, 10 engineers design the equipments, the rest is supporting the activity (management, quality, sales, methods, etc...)
SRA SAVAC is the world leader in sludge lancing of steam generators with more than 3000 steam generators cleaned since the beginning. It is also the first image provider of EDF in France. SRA SAVAC performs 100% of the steam generator secondary side maintenance in Sweden, Belgium and Spain. The responsiveness and the quality of the robotized solutions provided is due to the size of SRA SAVAC and the experience of field operations at each level of the company. Sra savac is willing to offer its expertise to all the utilities of the world running nuclear power plants.

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Address: 93 rue Jacquard
Ownership 1:99% SITA
Year created:1921
Products: Cleaning / Decontamination:
Foreign object retrieval (Steam Generators)
Steam Generator secondary side high pressure cleaning

Specialised Inspection and Maintenance:
Pool liner inspection and repair
Pressurizer inspection
Reactor internals inspection
Remote underwater vehicles
SG part retrievals (secondary)
SG secondary side inspection and repair
SG sludge lancing (secondary)

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