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Bainbridge International

Bainbridge International is a supplier of a wide range of products to industrial and recreational markets worldwide. Our cover guard, a flame retardant, temporary protective covering, has been used during outages to protect the flooring in the turbine deck area. It is less expensive, safer and easier to use than the traditional materials used such as rubber matting or plywood.

Cover Guard can be purchased directly from Bainbridge in Canton, MA 800-422-5684. Samples and a brochure are available by contacting Michael Costello at the 800 number or via e mail.

Please feel free to visit our web site

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Address: 255 Revere St.
Canton, MA
Number of employees:92
Company type:Private
Ownership 1:20% Parkwood Management
Ownership 2:80% Vandervell Estates
Year created:1972
Capital:USD 250K
Products: Access control / Security / Fire protection:
Fire protection coatings and paint
Fireproofing materials

Cleaning / Decontamination:
Cleaning/Decontamination chemicals and materials

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