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Korea Plant Service & Engineering (KPS)

KEPCO KPS is a company specialized in reliable high-quality maintenance of power plant, transmission, substation and industrial facilities. First,
established for the efficient maintenance of electric power facilities in Korea, which are crucial to the nation's economic development, KEPCO KPS has brought greater convenience to the public by developing technology and nurturing expert in this field for the last three decades. Furthermore, we have exerted enormous effort to raise korea's maintenance technology to the world's top.

Our the nuclear power technology service center is responsible for maintenance and engineering activities for key components of nuclear power plants.
The center successfully conducts plugging and sleeving of steam generator heat pipes with the remotely operated service arm(ROSA)Ⅲ,foreign object search and retrieval(FOSAR)from secondary side steam generators, complete disassembly and examination of reactor coolant pump internals, seal regeneration, and reactor vessel head penetration(RVHP)inspections.

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Address: 45, Jeongjail-ro
Number of employees:5155
Company type:Limited
Ownership 1:70% KEPCO
Year created:1974
Products: Cleaning / Decontamination:
Cleaning/Decontamination equipment
Cleaning/Decontamination services
Primary circuit chemical decontamination
Primary circuit components decontamination

Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Electrical equipment maintenance
Electrical motors
Turbine inspection and maintenance
Valve and actuators maintenance

Specialised Inspection and Maintenance:
Flux thimbles maintenance and replacement
Reactor coolant pump inspection
Reactor coolant pump maintenance
RPV flange
RPV inspection
SG eddy current inspection
SG part retrievals (secondary)
SG robotics (primary)
SG secondary side inspection and repair
SG tube plugging/unplugging
SG ultrasonic inspection
SG visual inspection

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