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INVESTprojekt NNC, s.r.o.

INVESTprojekt NNC (INVp) is the leading company in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies in the Czech Republic. Since the company was founded in 1990, it has accumulated very extensive experience and has successfully completed hundreds of environmental projects, many of which have been of a complex nature. The work in this area has included both the provision of EIA studies,the preparation of specific EIA documentation and dealing with public relation issues.

INVp works in nuclear and conventional energy, industry, transport, mining activities and waste management sectors.

Other main activities include:

Air Quality, Urban Environment and Noise Monitoring
Warer protection, Soi protection and Argiculture
Environmental Auditd
Environmental Management Systems
International Environmental Issues and Legislation

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Address: Spitalka 16
602 00
Country:Czech Republic
Number of employees:14
Company type:lIMITED
Ownership 1:100% NNC Limited

Year created:1990
Capital:3500 Euro
Qualifications:EIA,ISO 9001, EBRD certificate for Environmental audit
Products: Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:
Licensing - Regulatory
Nuclear engineering
Project audit
Project preparation and management
QA/QC and QA/QC audits
Upgrading engineering and services

Civil Engineering:

Cleaning / Decontamination:
Soil remediation (cleaning/decontamination)

Internet / Translation / Public Relations:
Public Relation in Nuclear field
Translation of tenders (commercial and technical)

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Air monitors
Cooling water outlet monitoring
Off-site radioactivity monitoring system
Waste radiation monitoring

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
I&C systems engineering

Waste (other than Fuel and High Level):
Environmental impact assessment
Waste engineering
Waste management consultant & engineering

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