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Morgan Advanced Ceramics (Alberox) Inc

Alberox is a world leader in the manufacture of ceramic to metal seals. We specialize in solving difficult application problems, usually involving extremes of temperature, pressure, operating environment or complicated geometries.

Unlike most other seal manufacturers, Alberox's manufacturing capability is completely vertically integrated. Manufacturing begins with raw ceramic powder and ends with completed hermetic seals.

Our products find application in the medical (X-Ray/Implants/Instruments), telecommunications, aerospace, electrical and power, semiconductor and laser and nuclear markets. These products usually serve functions vital to the survival of the customers' final assembly. The cost of component failure is usually very high.

Customers are supported by a large engineering staff with many years of direct experience in the design and manufacture of reliable seals. Direct dialog is encouraged and innovative solutions usually result.

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Address: 26 Madison Road
Year created:1962
Products: Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Ceramics products and parts

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