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Address: Modřínová 1094
674 01
Country:Czech Republic
Products: Decommissioning:
Initial characterization of installation

Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):

Laboratory, Test and Research Reactor Equipment:
Glove box/Hoods equipment
Hot laboratory and associated equipment
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory services

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Air monitors
Alpha detectors
Alpha/Beta counting systems
Bags radiation monitoring
Beta detectors
Coolant activity/monitoring systems
Cooling water outlet monitoring
Fission chambers
Gamma detectors
Gamma-Ray analysis software
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers (portable)
Gate monitors
Imaging for biological applications
Ion chambers
Laundry radiation monitoring
Mobile radiological monitoring laboratory
Neutron beam monitors
Neutron detectors, In core
Neutron detectors, Out of core
Neutron flux measurement/mapping systems
Off-gas monitoring
Off-site radioactivity monitoring system
Power range monitor systems
Proportional counters
Radiation detection engineering
Radiation monitoring gates for cars/trucks
Radon detection
Reactor period meter
Sample radiation analysis
Scintilliation cristals
Scintilliation detectors
SG primary-to-secondary leak detection
Signal/pulse generators
Testing, Calibration, Maintenance
Tool monitors
Transport containers monitoring
Turnkey radiation detection systems
Vehicle monitors
Ventilation radiation monitoring
Waste radiation monitoring
X-ray detection and measurement

Waste (other than Fuel and High Level):
Characterisation services

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