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Premier Technology, Inc.

Premier Technology, Inc. is an engineering, design, and fabrication concern located in Pocatello, Idaho USA. We specialize in Glovebox, Hot Cell, and containment device, design/build projects. We are a supplier of leaded glass products and shielding materials. We have been and are currently involved in projects at most of the major nuclear facilities in the USA and some abroad. We work with the Department of Energy, as well as many Pharmaceutical and University groups to provide turnkey project solutions.

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Address: 170 E. Siphon Road
Pocatello, Idaho
Year created:1995
Products: Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Lead glass/plastic and shielding windows
Lead shielding
Shielding engineering and design

Laboratory, Test and Research Reactor Equipment:
Glove box/Hoods equipment
Hot cells

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Contract manufacturer
Pressure vessels (other than reactor)
Storage tanks

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