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Ansaldo NES

Ansaldo NES provides an in-house, fully integrated capability, which includes design, engineering, manufacture, assembly, testing, commissioning, site installation and through-life support. These core competencies and capabilities allow the company to offer a broad range of products and services for the nuclear decommissioning, energy and defence markets.
Ansaldo NES is wholly owned by Ansaldo Nucleare, part of Italian Group Ansaldo Energia. The financial strength and backing provided by Ansaldo Energia supports the group. Headquartered in Genoa, Italy with offices located worldwide, Ansaldo Energia employs more than 3,500 employees and is a worldwide recognised brand in Power Generation with an installed capacity of more than 176 GW over 1,800 projects completed in over 90 countries.
Together the companies offer over sixty years’ of UK and international experience in design and manufacture of safety critical engineered products and specialist support services for the nuclear and related industries. With extensive experience in the international nuclear market, the Ansaldo Group brings a wealth of knowledge, capability and skills to support UK programmes in nuclear decommissioning, service to operating plants and new build in particular.

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Address: P O Box 2944
Number of employees:450
Company type:Limited
Products: Laboratory, Test and Research Reactor Equipment:
Glove box/Hoods equipment
Hot cells

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Contract manufacturer
Cranes and lifting equipment

Transport and Containers:
Post loading leakage test equipment

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