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KYUNG SUNG PRECISION MACHINERY is one of the preferred suppliers of fabrications for power plant utilities in Korea.

Over the past 10 years, we have acquired advanced technologies in nuclear, thermal, and hydraulic power generation facilities.

Our wide ranges of structural fabrication capabilities include internal parts for nuclear/hydro/thermal power plants and gas turbines.

We have developed successfully power plant parts by request of our customers such as DOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES AND CONSTRUCTION, WESTINGHOUSE and GE.

We have been performing successful projects with these exacting customers through a combination of technical competence, fabrication capability and certified work processes.
We are now strongly involved in many considerable power plant projects.

We are applying new control system in accordance with specification code acquired ASME authorized U&S stamp (pressure vessel & boiler manufacturing) and KEPIC authorized MNB (1st Grade manufacturing for nuclear power plant parts and equipments).

We are committed to providing excellence in our nuclear utilities and parts fabrication service and sure our strict quality standard satisfies your special needs.
We welcome your business information so that we can answer.

1. Nuclear Power Plant
? Steam Separator
? Steam Generator Horizontal Supporter(EGGCRATES)
? Steam Generator Vertical Supporter(BATWING)
? Fuel Rack Can
? Containment Post Tensioning System
? SSLP (Stainless Steel Liner Plate)
? CLP (Containment Liner Plate)
? Saddle for Transportation
? Piping / Tubular / Steel-structure, etc.

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Address: 1603-1, Songjeong-dong
Busan, Korea
Number of employees:80
Company type:LIMITED
Year created:1994
Qualifications:ISO9001/ASME authorized U&S stamp
Products: Civil Engineering:
Pool liners

Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
Fuel racks

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Contract manufacturer
Heat exchangers
Moisture Separator
Pressure vessels (other than reactor)

Pumps / Valves / Pipes / Tubing:
Tubing: Stainless steel

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