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Ecotest (Sparing-Vist Center, PE SPPE)

Scientific and Production private enterprise "Sparing-Vist Center" has been working in the sphere of the radiation control devices production since 1996 and indisputably is the leader at the Ukrainian market. All our products are manufactured under the registered trademark "ECOTEST" and correspond to the standards and demands of the government structures, private organizations. Our devices are successfully used by the leading Ukrainian specialists of the Army, Frontier Troops, State Customs Service, Security Service, Fire prevention services, nuclear power plants, and formations of civil defense and by the private persons. The products of our enterprise have a high quality. They are produced on the ground of the registered technologies and are small-sized, simply in use, have modern design. The devices of trademark "ECOTEST" exceed the analogical products of other producers according to the price quality.

The "ECOTEST" devices solve the following problems:
measurement of gamma and x-ray radiation equivalent dose and dose rate;
measurement of surface alpha- and beta-particles flux density;
measurement of the thermal and fast neutrons flux density;
execution of the automated systematic individual radiation control.

Our enterprise carries out the guarantee (18 months) and afterguarantee maintenance of its production.You can get more detailed information about the devices of TM "ECOTEST" on our web-site

Main email:to send an email to this company click here
Address: 33 Volodymyr Velyky Str.
Company type:Private enterprise
Year created:1996
Qualifications:ISO 9001-2008, CE
Products: Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Hand held monitoring equipment

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Alpha detectors
Alpha/Beta counting systems
Beta detectors
Gamma detectors
Neutron detectors, Out of core
Neutron flux measurement/mapping systems
Proportional counters
Radiation detection engineering
X-ray detection and measurement

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