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Nucleonix Systems Pvt Ltd

Nucleonix Systems (P) Ltd. founded in the year 1990 is primarily engaged in design, development, manufacturing and supplying of Nuclear, Radiation Measuring and Allied Instrumentation. Product range offered by Nucleonix Systems caters to the following market segments, namely -

University Education & Research : University Education (Teaching & Research Labs) - in Physics / Engineering Physics / Applied Physics / Nuclear / Radiation Physics / Nuclear Chemistry / Life Science / Radiation Biology / Agricultural Sciences / Nuclear Engineering / Instrumentation Engineering / Environmental Sciences etc.
Nuclear Research & Industry : Nuclear Research / Atomic Power Stations / Nuclear waste immobilization plants / Research Reactors / Industrial & Other Radiological Installations etc.
Cancer Hospitals : Cancer Hospitals / Nuclear Medicine Centers / Radiotherapy Departments / Oncology Departments / Medical Physics Research etc.
Atomic Mineral Exploration & Mining Industry / Env . Radiation Monitoring / Measurements : Atomic Mineral Exploration / Uranium Mining Industry / Environmental Radiation Monitoring / Measurements etc.
Defence / Home Land Security / Steel & Forging Industry / Testing Labs : Security System / Products, for baggage scanning , inspection of cargo and frisking of personnel for detection of illegal transportation of fissile / nuclear materials etc, at airports, sea ports, International borders - entry / exit points etc, Gate / vehicle or Truck monitoring systems for Radioactive Contamination checking in Steel & forging industry , Instrumentation systems for Testing labs for Checking of radioactive contamination in Food & other commodities etc

About Nucleonix

Nucleonix Systems (P) Ltd is a well recognized and established company, engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Nuclear Instruments and Systems.

Nucleonix Systems offers instrumentation with state-of-art electronic circuit designs with built-in powerful embedded code to fulfill required instrument functionality, fault diagnostics features, user specific calculations / report generation.

Many of these products have capability of PC communication through Serial Port for data transfer and networking operation.

Nucleonix Systems has well established production facilities in a spacious building with a built-up area of 16,000 sq.feet. It has a compact development team of dedicated Engineers.

This company is primarily established to meet the partial requirements of the above said instrumentation in the following market segments-

University Education & Research , Nuclear Research & Industry , Cancer Hospitals , Atomic Mineral Exploration & Mining Industry / Env . Radiation Monitoring / Measurements , Defence / Home Land Security / Steel & Forging Industry / Testing Labs

The product range offered by Nucleonix Systems can be classified into

Radiation Detectors such as G.M. Detectors, Scintillation Detectors / Probes, Alpha Probes, X-ray Probes, Beta Probes, Beta-gamma probes etc.

Nuclear Counting Systems (Microcontroller based) which include both Integral and NIM Standard Modular systems such as G.M. Counting Systems, Alpha Counting Systems, Gamma Ray Spectrometers, Low background Beta counting system etc.

NIM Instrumentation such as NIM Standard Bins & Power Supplies, MINIM Bins & Power Supplies, NIM Modules such as Detector Bias, High Voltage Units, Linear Amplifier, Spectroscopy Amplifiers, Single Channel / Quad Analysers, Counter Timers, (Single, Dual & Six Channel) and other special functional modules.

Instrumentation for Nuclear Medicine & its related accessories such as Digital Contamination Monitors, Gamma Ray Spectrometers with well type Scintillation Detector, Lead Castle, Lead Bricks, Lead Pots and storage containers.

PC based nuclear & allied data acquisition systems such as

- 8K Multichannel Analysers with software
- Chromoto scanner
- Mossbauer spectrometer system
- PC Controlled TLD Reader
- Four Channel Gamma Ray Spectrometer etc.,

Nucleonix Systems manufactures the following products based on the technology received from Bhabha Atomic Research Center, a premier Nuclear Research Institute in India.

- 8K Multichannel Analyser Card (PC Based) with software includes isotope search library
- Radiation Monitors namely - Radiation survey Meter (RADMON)
- Digital Survey Meter (RADMON-Micro)
- Digital Contamination Monitor
- Semi-automatic TLD Badge Reader
- Pocket Dosimeters
- Spectroscopy Amplifier etc.

Instrumentation for - Health Physics/Medical Physics / Nuclear medicine / Nuclear Power Plants and Geological Prospecting etc.

- These products include wide range of portable Radiation Survey Meters to measure Gamma Radiation Dose Rates and Alpha, Beta Contamination and other Radiation Monitors to meet the applications in the above fields. Additionally power plant instrumentation manufactured, includes wide range of Area Monitors and Personnel Monitors.

Area Monitors, Continuous Air Monitors, Gate Monitors

Nucleonix systems manufactures wide range of Area monitors from very low level dose rates (1uR/hr) upto (1000R/hr). Alpha / Beta Continuous Air Monitors and Gate Monitors with a variety of detectors.

Personnel Monitors such as Beta Hand Foot and clothing Monitors , Whole body Portal Monitors, TLD Badge Readers, Pocket Dosimeters, Alpha and Beta Contamination Monitors etc. Instrumentation for Atomic mineral prospecting/ Mining such as Ore Grade Scanning system, Bore hole logging system, Micro-R-Survey Meters, Four channel gamma Ray Spectrometer etc. are also manufactured by Nucleonix Systems.

Software products include Data Communication Products (Instrument to PC) and Networking software for Area Monitors [such as ‘ Gamma Link’ through RS485 network] and other networking software for counting systems such as ‘Count Net’ etc..

Nucleonix Systems is a support oriented company which offers instrumentation solutions and also cares to provide excellent customer support.

Nucleonix Systems can undertake design and development of new projects /products & offer Nuclear Instrumentation to user specific requirement also. Nucleonix Systems has a few products which are not listed in the website or catalog, or you may have specific requirements which are not met by listed products. In all such cases please revert back to us with your application to enable us to offer you a solution.

Nucleonix Systems is dedicated for supplying the most reliable, quality instrumentation with best possible designs. At Nucleonix we are constantly striving and are committed to keep pace with the technological revolution to offer the latest technology based products.

Nucleonix systems has Radiation Calibration Labs which provides calibration services apart from using this facility for calibrating all the Radiation Monitors manufactured in-house.

J.Narender Reddy
Managing Director

Main email:to send an email to this company click here
Address: Plot 162 A&B, IDA, Ph II,
Cherlapally, Hyderabad
Number of employees:50
Company type:Private Limited
Ownership 1:100% Nucleonix
Year created:1990
Capital:10 million rupees
Products: Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Air monitoring and samplers
Electronic personnel dosimeters & associated equipment
Hand held monitoring equipment
Monitors, hand feet body surface

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Air monitors
Alpha detectors
Alpha/Beta counting systems
Beta detectors
Gamma detectors
Gamma-Ray analysis software
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers (portable)
Radiation detection engineering
Signal/pulse generators
Testing, Calibration, Maintenance
Ventilation radiation monitoring

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