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Cosense Inc.

Cosense is the leader in patented ultrasonic liquid level sensors. It provides a wide range of custom and standard products to a variety of markets worldwide -- including the semiconductor, pharmaceutical & biotech, medical instrumentation, industrial automation, aerospace, chemical, water, paper, power, petroleum, and food & beverage industries.

Its unique ultrasonic measurement sensors feature high accuracy, small size (with no moving parts), non-invasive or minimally invasive designs, flexible mounting configurations, and standard electrical interfaces. Typical applications that use Cosense sensors for measurement and switching include liquid level, bubble and foam detection, wafer thickness and flatness, leak detection, and fill verification.

With the introduction of its VSS (Very Small Sensor) technology, Cosense can supply non-contact ultrasonic devices for applications where ultrasonic sensors were previously too large to be used. Cosense offers a Sanitary Sense System with a 3/4 inch sensor that can be steam serialized, a common requirement in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, sanitary, food and beverage industries. Cosense also manufacturers a variety of ultrasonic point level switches, which have been used at cryogenic temperatures as high as 750 deg F. Cosense specializes in custom products and has a history of providing innovative solutions for unique applications in many industries.

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Address: 155 Ricefield Lane
Hauppauge, NY
Number of employees:30
Company type:Private
Ownership 1:100% Private
Year created:1992
Products: Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
Level monitoring
Pool level monitoring systems
Water detection sensors

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