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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Radiation hardened cameras for Color and Monochrome imaging in radiation environments.

High performance CID based, radiation hardened camera, provides sharp, crisp video images in medium to high flux rates, with Color imaging up to 3 x 10(6) rads total dose.
The new ColorRAD product line complements the MegaRAD series of monochrome version radiation hardened cameras which operate to at least 1 x 10(6) rads total dose.

Features of these radiation hardened cameras include; excellent signal-to-noise in radiation, anti-blooming, wide spectral response, and customer specific remote head cable lengths.
The CID (Charge Injection Device) radiation hardened cameras operate in total dose exposure over 100 times greater than what conventional CCD cameras can tolerate. CID imagers have even continued to function after undergoing un-powered stress testing to well beyond 10 MegaRAD total dose Gamma (Co60) exposure.
This radiation hardness makes the ColorRAD and the MegaRAD series of cameras well suited for reactor surveillance, vessel inspection, waste monitoring, accelerator experiments, hot cells, safety (ALARA) programs, nuclear medicine, and other radiation hardened imaging applications common to nuclear power generation, decommissioning, waste disposal, and the high energy physics markets.
The new ColorRAD version cameras offer end users unprecedented color imaging wherever radiation may be present.

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Address: CIDTEC Cameras & Imagers
101 Commerce Blvd.
Number of employees:50
Company type:Public
Ownership 1:Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO)
Year created:1987
Capital:US Dollar
Products: Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Visual inspection and cameras (non radiation resistant)
Visual inspection and cameras (radiation resistant)

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