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Engineering-consulting dedicated to the nuclear energy field.

Nuclear reactors:
From the engineering of the existing reactors, to the future reactors design,Oakridge demonstrates a service quality through its performant consultants.

Nuclear transportation:
To elaborate the specifications of a fuel package studies, to estimate the wastes transportation cost or to integrate the evolutions of the applicable rules, Oakridge demonstrates its reactivity.

Nuclear fuel Cycle:
Duirng the decommissioning scenarios specifications, or during the safety analysis of a nuclear installation fuel cycle, Oakridge demonstrates the advantage of its independance.

Oakridge satisfies its client needs by:
* providing technical know-how
* evaluating the nuclear installation safety
* realizing some technical and reglementary studies
* realizing some economical and faisability studies

Oakridge provides a wide range of skills:
* Through the technical jobs of the generalist engineering: mechanical, materials,matallurgy, thermic, thermohydraulic, command and control, electricity,electrotechnic...
* Through the technical jobs of the interactions of radiations with matters: neutronical, criticity, radioprotection...
* Through the project management jobs: business management, reporting, quality training, market analysis...

Main email:to send an email to this company click here
Address: 2 rue Girodet
Number of employees:23
Company type:private
Year created:2002
Qualifications:ISO9001:2000, UTO

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