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Bumwoo Eng

BUMWOO is a Korean Company supplying not only Heat Exchanges and other components for Power Plants & Steel Making Plants but also components for Nuclear Power Plants. As an N Certificate Holder, BUMWOO is ready to manufacture major and minor components for Generation III and Generation III+ Design.

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Address: 165-2 Changjiri
Gunbuk, Haman
Year created:1998
Qualifications:ASME, ISO9001
Products: Civil Engineering:
Civil engineering
Containement airlocks
Containment liners

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Feedwater heaters (high pressure)
Feedwater heaters (low pressure)
Heat exchangers
Large components, ferrous
Moisture Separator
Pipe Cutting And Beveling Machines
Pool gates
Pressure vessels (other than reactor)
Storage tanks
Structural supports
Water filters and screens

Reactors, NSSS Main Components:
Auxiliary systems heat exchangers
Main reactor coolant piping
Reactor pressure vessels

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