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Aztec Bolting Services Inc.q

Aztec Bolting Services Inc. is a service oriented company with over 35 years experience in turnaround & plant construction and maintenance as well wind energy construction. We provide experienced field technicians and/or hydraulic and pneumatic tooling for the purpose of controlled bolt tightening in critical bolting applications.
This service is typically performed with the use of hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrenches and/or bolt tensioning equipment. Our services are presently utilized in by petrochemical plants, refineries, power generating facilities, offshore drilling contractors, in specialty manufacturing and heavy industry.
Our trained technicians can do the job for you or work with your labor force to assist with any job you may have. Our safety record is outstanding with written company safety and drug policies in effect.
We also provide calibration and repair services for all types of tools, to include hand torque wrenches, hydraulic wrenches, pneumatic wrenches and bolt tensioners.
In addition to providing bolting services, we also provide bolting equipment for sale and/or for rent. We maintain a sizable inventory of tools, pumps, large impact sockets, stud removal tools and other related accessories. We represent the best manufacturer of specialized bolt tightening equipment and related accessories and offer most for rental.

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Address: 520 Dallas Street
League City TX
Number of employees:27
Company type:Corporation
Ownership 1:100 Aztec
Year created:1987
Qualifications:ISO 9001

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