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Beijing Isotope Nulcear Electronic Machine Co.,LTD

Beijing Isotope Nuclear Elcectronic Machine Co, . LTD. Was founded in 1994, it was invested and established by Department of Isotope, China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE). The company is engaged in scientific research, production as well as marketing activity with the principal business. The company enjoys not only the favorable policies for new and high-tech enterprise authorized by China government, but also the preferential treatment for passing customs regarding as "garge A enterprise "( rarely in domestic enterprises) at the China customs
Look forward to the future, the new opportunities and the challanges coexist. Beijing Isotope Nuclear Electronic Machine Co, . LTD. Wishes to cooperate with the friends from various circles frankly and sincerely, to keep in step with the trends of world science and technology, to pursue the high science-technology progressing with era and jointly develop nuclear technique products with more advanced in technique, more reliable in quality and rapid and perfect services, make grater contributions to the nuclear cause of our country.

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Address: Xinzhen
Fangshan District
Beijing China
China Institute of Atomic Energy

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