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Spatial Consultants Ltd.

Spatial Consultants Ltd is a specialist GIS practice whose principals have a solid reputation for geospatial business analysis and implementation from twenty years’ experience on projects around the world. The company focus is on delivering real benefits to our customers through geospatially enabling their business processes and IT infrastructures. This vision of GIS as an enterprise-wide capability supporting all areas of the business has been developed through successful engagements with multiple organisations.

The company is head quartered in Cumbria (UK) and serves an international market to provide services in the following areas:
• GIS Assessment and Strategy Development
• Business and Systems Analysis
• Enterprise Architecture
• Project Management
• Spatial Data Modelling and Profiling
• Application Development and Administration

The company is vendor neutral and maintains in depth expertise in all major GIS suites as well as mainstream IT platforms, integration technologies, and consulting and solution development practices.
We have served a broad range of organisations across the energy, utility and governments sectors.

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Address: High Dyonside
CA14 4QQ
Company type:Private Limited

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